Marketing & Sales solutions for Irish companies

Measmedia delivers marketing and sales solutions for Irish companies through targeted and bespoke methodologies that are both measurable and results-driven. Our marketing team will do a swot analysis of your product or service, calculate the most effective way of bringing that to the marketplace and tailor a campaign that suits your needs and is targeted to increase sales.

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Mission & Method

Our Mission is to truly apply our 5 core principles and make each marketing campaign a great success.


We first interogate the ‘thought’ or ‘mission’ of each marketing campaign – why does your company/product/service exist? What are you here for? What are the benefits that you offer your clients?

More often than not companies fail for a lack of clarity on the very basics of their offerings. Are you clear on what your company stands for and WHAT your latest marketing campaign should really mean to people? What is the best approach to take and what are the key values that you wish to advance?


From the thought, comes the word… Using the right formula of words to script your campaign is absolutely essential. At MeasMedia we spend a great deal of time on scripting campaigns for direct marketing calls, newsletters, ad designs, raidio, television and internet campaigns.

Creating positive and affirming language around your company’s product or service is a vital cog in an effective marketing campaign.


Once you have the right thought, followed by the right words, then the next step in the process is the right deed! Get active in a way that stands to your core principals and values.

If your company trades on being a wise and trustworthy consultancy firm then don’t hire a marketing company that will send gimmicky toys to your clients in the post (we’ve heard about these things happening!).

We can identify marketing practices that will truly suit your company’s core values and therefore inspire the kind of longterm business relationships that are key to making a thriving business.

It takes a little more work than sending a gimmicky toy in the post, but the results are far greater!


The next step on our marketing journey is the ‘Habit’. Don’t let your marketing campaign become a ‘fly by night affair’. Create consistency by sticking to your core values in each and every message that you send and every deed done. Good habits are developed through time and effort and require a regular and consistent approach.


Once you’ve developed a good marketing habit, based on sound thought, the right words and the right deeds, you will have created the kind of marketing character that cannot be bought with gimmicks or quick fixes. The job at this stage is to continually build on your character by fitting each and every marketing campaign to our ‘5 Core Principles’!

The thought manifests as the word,
The word manifests as the deed,
The deed develops into habit,
Habit hardens in to character
- Buddha


Measmedia provide marketing services across a wide range of areas

Measmedia are specialist providers of both Irish and English language PR. We provide a range of services including bilingual press releases, contact with national and local media, organising media interviews across a range of outlets and press photography.
We empower our clients with the right skills and ensure their PR training meets their requirements and delivers results.

Measmedia has a wealth of experience in the field of communications and has tailored an effective training programme for PR officers, spokespersons, communication professionals and company executives from a wide-range of backgrounds.
Our trainers use simple but effective communication strategies and empower our clients to promote and articulate their message.

Measmedia inform and/or directly lead our clients' social media accounts to ensure they connect with a market that is fundamental to their campaign's success.
Through the use of simple yet effective language as well as strategic tactics, Measmedia ensure our clients reach their social media potential.

Accessibility and attention to detail is key to a successful web or brochure design. Measmedia's design team create websites, web programmes, newsletters and brochures that provide a clear focus and effectively communicate your business's message.

Measmedia are specialists in business to business marketing. We have developed a method that will lead potential clients directly to you through a process of information and client nurturing.
Our past campaigns have produced a high level of leads, prospects and direct customers for our clients. Our marketing campaign is geared towards driving more sales for your company.

Our widespread understanding of the marketplace and efficient marketing strategies enable us to develop and manage distinctive and competitive brands that impact and ensure a consistent brand experience for our clients' customers.
Our marketing campaigns are inextricably linked to branding, ensuring a high impact result for our clients.

Measmedia provides direction and constructive advice to our clients ensuring they consistently reach their full business potential.
Measmedia's mentoring and strategic management support establishes your business's core competencies and sets realistic goals.
This holistic mentoring approach clarifies your business focus and enables you to face challenges head-on.

About Us


    Breandán is known for his vision, his strategic planning and his ability to communicate effectively.
    He worked as PR, Communications and Irish officer with Galway City Council and as Deputy Director and Marketing Director for Galway City Museum prior to establishing Measmedia in 2010.

    In Measmedia, Breandán has created a company that provides an outsourcing service in both marketing and sales for small to medium businesses in Ireland. He values transparency and substance in all marketing campaigns.



    Rhona is Head of Research and Strategy at Measmedia. Her career to date includes more than a decade of teaching and research experience at various third-level institutions in Ireland and in the US including NUIGalway and City University of New York.

    Her expertise lies in market research and brand development, as well as linguistic accuracy and effective communicative strategy.



    Brenda has over 10 years experience in accounts management and administration at the highest level.

    Her friendly manner and attention to detail in the care of her clients' accounts ensures that Measmedia's clients will get the most effective follow through in relation to marketing or sales progress.



Measmedia work with a range of clients across the business and community sectors including Allmypr, Nó, Into the West,, Leap Leadership, Foras Na Gaeilge, Údarás Na Gaeltachta, Acadmh Na Hollscolaíochta Gaeilge, An Tultach, Connectg, Aisling Ghéar, Loveleabhargaeilge


"Measmedia's marketing team helped us to focus our marketing campaign, target the right market . This increased awareness of our product as well as our customer base."
Dani Marquez | CEO ALLMYPR

"Measmedia conducted market research for Foras na Gaeilge and executed this complex project in a timely manner with exceptional quality. The team was responsive to our requests and we look forward to working with them again in the future."
Gearóid Maguibhrin | Foras na Gaeilge

"Having an expert give us an independent analysis of our operation, has enabled our clients to continue to increase their business and go on to achieve greater success."
Fionnbar Ó Baoill | Training Manager, ConnectG


We have created a process that ensures full transparency of our campaign's progress as we nurture potential clients from lead to prospect to customer status.

Outsourcing sales to an expert provider such as Measmedia can be the most important and beneficial decision that your company can take - allowing you to focus on your product or service and putting the difficult task of growing sales into the hands of a professional sales team.

Measmedia's professional sales approach requires clarity of thought and a considered methodology at all stages as we excite customers about a product or service and make consistent and informative approaches whilst not being overbearing or aggressive.

Our success rate is very significant and our clients can testify to seeing a huge upturn in prospects and sales from working with Measmedia. The strategic decision to outsource your company's sales with Measmedia will ensure significant sales growth and a tailored campaign that promises to engage with potential customers in a meaningful and measurable way.


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